Gary Larson on static typing
This is how Dr. Gary Larson graphically describes static typing.

People used to static typing often express their concerns about the safety of dynamically typed languages. My experience with python has been so far that it’s not a problem that you get into, as strong typing (yes, python is strongly typed) and good tests are there to help you. At least, is not a more stunning problem than that of typos when declaring types.
Bruce Eckel has two interesting articles about this topic: ‘Static vs. Dynamic’ and ‘Strong Typing vs. Strong Testing’, that are a must read, IMHO.
I first read Bruce Eckel some years ago when I found his excellent ‘Thinking in C++’. It’s really a good book that concentrates on shifting your mind towards the object orientation paradigm instead of just describing the C++ language and the object oriented syntax. Before reading it I had already programmed in C++, but it was a reall eye opener.